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Man Control Max

The dizzying pace of life, stress, huge pressure and the need to combine various social roles are not conducive to maintaining harmony in life. Lack of balance reflects on health and well-being, taking away the joy of life and self-confidence. The effects of mental and physical overload are often problems in intimate life. As research shows, currently over 3 million men in Poland suffer from erectile dysfunction! 21% of them experience erection problems from the moment of sexual initiation, and in the case of 79% disorders are acquired. 37% of men with erectile dysfunction have reduced libido, which further reduces the satisfaction of intimate life.

causes of sexual dysfunctions

Erectile dysfunction is most often reported by men aged 26-35 (35%). It is they who are most painfully affected by the negative effects of stress, often overworked and overworked. Erection problems are experienced by 27% of men aged 36-45 and 16% aged 46-55 years. In older men, dysfunctions are primarily organic.

Minimized effects of erection problems

Unfortunately, trivialized erection problems usually do not resolve themselves. As many as 61% of the surveyed men who didn’t take any remedial actions experienced a very severe increase in the problem of erectile dysfunction. It is not difficult to guess that ignoring erection problems has far-reaching consequences. The lack of a satisfying sex life translates into increased levels of stress, decreased immunity, frustration and … strongly lowered self-confidence. Low self-esteem makes a mark on all areas of life. An effective way to prevent the problem from getting worse and to regain the joy of intimacy are Man Control Max. Effective, discreet and completely safe will help you regain confidence and … a successful sex life.

How does the transdermal patch method of Man Control Max work?

Man Control Max harmoniously combine effectiveness, ease of application and safety of use. How do they work and what is their secret?

transdermal Man Control Max method

The principle of operation of Man Control Max is very simple. The patch attached to the skin gradually releases active substances that enter the bloodstream. The extract from Korean ginseng contained in Man Control Max improves blood circulation and dilates blood vessels. It also reduces the level of stress hormone – cortisol and strengthens the adrenal function. Thanks to the content of vitamins A, B and C, calcium, magnesium and zinc supplies the body with essential nutrients, improving metabolic processes. Thanks to its beneficial effects, organs (including genitals) are better oxygenated, and sexual life – more successful. Flavonoids contained in ginkgo biloba affect the increased blood flow to the genitals, leading to increased erection. They also improve the transport of glucose to brain cells and other tissues, increasing energy stores. Thanks to this, smooth muscle vessels can relax, and hence only a step to … a successful approach.

  • Firstly – they effectively cleanse the body of toxins. Thanks to this, they eliminate one of the causes of decreased libido at an early stage – toxin from the air, food and metabolism processes that weaken the body and deprive energy.
  • Secondly – they stimulate the increased release of nitric oxide. Blood vessels relax faster and more efficiently, and the flow of blood from the blood vessels to the corpus cavernosum is greatly facilitated. Thanks to this, penis increases its size, the erection goes well, and the relationship may be longer. As is evident from the accounts of men using Stimeo Patch, in this phase there may be frequent morning erections.
  • Thirdly – they provide lasting results. In the stabilization phase, lasting two weeks, the body assimilates the correct stimuli occurring during an erection. Thanks to this, the effects of applying patches is long-lasting.

The Man Control Max will help you achieve felt results after the first application! What can you expect?

Thanks to Man Control Max:

  • you will get rid of your erection problems. Effectively and permanently. You will feel the first effects after the first application;
  • you will feel increase libido and your sex life will flourish;
  • you will feel a surge of vital energy and an increased level of energy;
  • you will regain self-confidence.

What is the secret of the exceptional effectiveness of Man Control Max?

The secret of effectiveness of Man Control Max provides unique, carefully selected substances in the right, carefully calculated proportions. By complementing each other’s actions, they provide exceptional, safe and, what is very important, lasting effects. One of the most important components of Man Control Max, the Korean ginseng root called the secret potency center, is very popular among men all over the world. Used for hundreds of years, especially in Chinese medicine, it eliminates problems with erection, strengthens sex drive and increases the efficiency of the body. The complement of its operation is the extract of ginkgo biloba. As research shows, it is the Japanese ginkgo that has the largest effect of all plant substances on the increased blood flow to the genitals. By improving and accelerating the flow of nitric oxide, it helps in the formation and maintenance of erectile function.

Man Control Max – active ingredients in patches:

The innovative formula of Man Control Max contains carefully composed plant ingredients in strictly defined proportions. The patches are safe, comprehensively tested, provide extraordinary effectiveness, without side effects. As much as 90% of active substances in Man Control Max are substances of natural origin. Most of them are world-known aphrodisiacs and natural libido aids. Among them, among others:

  • Japanese ginkgo – a natural aphrodisiac of plant origin used by men around the world. When taken regularly, it increases the flexibility and improves the elasticity of the blood vessels, resulting in better blood circulation. It significantly improves blood supply to the sexual organs and … it allows you to forget about erection problems. It affects the general improvement of mood and increases concentration;
  • Damian herb leaf extract — used as an aphrodisiac, increases libido and improves sexual experience. Like the Japanese ginkgo, this is the core component of Man Control Max. It increases blood supply to the genitals, eliminates erection problems and delays ejaculation. Thanks to the strong anti-stress effect, it also eliminates the psychological causes of erection problems. In addition, the leaves of Damian herb improve well-being, help to reduce the effects of fatigue and help achieve hormonal balance;
  • extracts from Korean ginseng — a secret potency remedy that has been used for hundreds of years in Far Eastern medicine (Korea, China, Japan). They affect the improvement of libido and noticeably increase sexual satisfaction. Thanks to the ginkoseids contained in the plant, the ability of hemoglobin to bind oxygen increases. The organs are better supplied with blood, which results in increased energy and the body’s ability to exercise.

Important: the quality and quantity of active substances contained in the product is higher than the supplements you will find in pharmacies or drugstores. Thanks to the fact that they get directly into the blood (bypassing the digestive tract), their absorbability is higher than in the case of oral preparations.

Independent scientific research – as many as 92% of men noticed the effects

The extraordinary effectiveness of Man Control Max is confirmed not only by satisfied users, but also by independent analyzes of scientists. In March 2018, a group of American researchers carried out comprehensive tests on a group of 1200 men aged 20 – 60 years. The research group was divided into two categories – the first one used Man Control Max for 30 days, the other one the placebo in the form of a normal patch, without active substances.

What results did the study of Man Control Max bring? The effects of use

As many as 92% of men using Man Control Max declared a perceptible improvement in sexual life satisfaction, and their erectile dysfunction significantly decreased. 77% of the respondents in this group described the product as “very effective”, 20% as “effective” and only 3% as “average effective”.

Interestingly, the researchers also tempted to check the durability of the effects 3 months after the treatment. As it turned out? 90% of men admitted that the effects of using patches are permanent and they remain at the same level after the end of the treatment. 8% of respondents declared that “the effects of using Man Control Max are rather persistent” and 2% “hard to say *”.

effects of using Man Control Max

* For this type of research, results up to 3% of the result are not to be fully reliable. They are the limit of statistical error.

At the same time, the placebo group had little or no change during the study.

None of the men examined had side effects, and 67% said that during the treatment they felt the inflow of vitality and energy.

Improvement of satisfaction from sexual life Resolving erection problems Improving well-being Libido increase
Man Control Max 92% 90% 90% 81%
Placebo 7% 5% 51% 13%

Man Control Max is a revolutionary effectiveness based on natural extracts

The result of the study exceeded our wildest expectations – said Andrew McFetridge, one of the researchers, in October 2018. Nature has once again proved to us how much strength it has.

“As the results showed, Man Control Max work not only effectively, but above all permanently. I am extremely happy that we have managed to develop such an innovative, yet safe formula. The possibility of helping millions of men who are struggling with this very troublesome ailment is for me a source of immense satisfaction and joy.

We quickly introduced the product to mass production. It became a real sensation in Asia. Over five million packages were sold in China and almost two million in Japan – a huge success. We hope that it will be as good in Europe. Considering the results of the research, it cannot be otherwise. ”

Man Control Max’ quality is proven by thousands of people like you

“Man Control Max were recommended to me by a friend. At the beginning I was reluctant to use them, but when he told me about the effects, I decided to try them. Especially since my sex life didn’t exist for a few months before erection problems. The package was very discreet, and the use of patches was very easy. I felt the first effects after a week. I felt a surge of energy, and my libido jumped. Later it was only better. Today, 4 months after the end of treatment, my sexual life is flourishing, and erection problems have gone away.

To this day I remember this day when I decided to order Man Control Max. That’s when my life changed dramatically. After 30 days of treatment I regained not only sex life, but above all self-confidence. ”

In conclusion … Man Control Max are a natural, safe, effective remedy for male problems

Man Control MaxSlices Man Control Max are a product that over the years deserves the greatest trust. Why? As shown by independent scientific studies, Man Control Max is a safe and effective product that allows to solve erection problems affecting millions of men. Thanks to the condensed formula, the product works effectively and in a long-term way, in a noticeable way improving the satisfaction of intimate intimacy. Unlike other preparations of this type, it doesn’t cause side effects such as drowsiness, dry mouth, strong heartbeat or headache.

Thanks to the application directly on the skin (excluding the digestive tract), its action is immediate. In contrast to dietary supplements in the form of capsules, the effect of using Man Control Max is immediate (as declared by the surveyed men, a noticeable improvement in well-being occurs after just 15 minutes).

FAQ – Man Control Max

How to use Man Control Max?
1 patch is intended for 1 day of treatment. The package contains 30 patches suitable for a monthly treatment. Sticking the patch is quick and easy

  • remove the protective foil and attach the patch;
  • hold for a dozen or so seconds to get the best fit against the body;
  • after 24 hours, remove the patch and put on a new one.

Remember, do not apply cream, balm or oil to the skin at the application site. Their ingredients may cause the patch to detach.

Where to stick the patch best?
Man Control Max can be applied to different parts of the body, but it is recommended to use it near the femoral artery, on the shoulder or back. The fleshy color of the patches and the small size ensure full discretion of use.

Is the use of Man Control Max safe?
Of course. The formula of Man Control Max is completely safe, and their substrates are comprehensively tested. Man Control Max weren’t tested on animals.

Can I swim in the pool and bathe with Man Control Max?
You do not need to remove the Man Control Max patch before bathing. However, the manufacturer doesn’t recommend its long-term soaking. It is worth waiting until the treatment is finished with a visit to the pool.

How can I order Man Control Max? Can I count on a discreet parcel?
Slices will be ordered by completing the form. We guarantee fast delivery via courier or mail. Inconspicuous packaging ensures full discretion.


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